Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Florida/Mexico Album

This is the cover of the album....

since we left in the dark from Edmonton International Airport, I couldn't get a picture of our plane until we hit Houston, Dallas....

We drove around Ft. Lauderdale and these waterways are actually people's back alley's ... it was so cool to see all these massive, beautiful "toys" that people owned.

While we were walking around downtown, we came this very cool, LARGE draw bridge that they need to put up when the boats come through on the canal....

This was taken from the car when we pulled up to the port to park....that is our ship :)

This is taken from the "tail end" of the ship was enormous to us!

This was the view looking back towards Miami...the top photo is downtown Miami, and the beach is Miami you can see in the photo, it was cold and windy that day - there are NO people on the beach....

Quintin and I have never seen so many sailboats, and other boats in one place!
We thought it was a very cool picture moment....and yes, it was extremely windy and cool when we left Miami

This was our first port-of-call....Key West. We went on a train tour and got to find out a lot about the Keys...there is a ton of history there. This man was entertaining everyone as a one-man band and he was INCREDIBLE!

There will be more photos on the way....thanks for stopping in!


  1. Lori, I love these pages! Looks like you had a great time on your vacation :)

  2. Wow they are so wonderful, I love them much better in person though....wonderful job friend, Joe will love this!


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