Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Florida/Mexico pages part 3

Well, my crafting PEEPS...the time has come for me to pack up my crafting stash and get things all ready to go in the morning. It has been such a relaxing time here at Leanne's but, reality calls and I have to return home to a flooded basement, kids and yard work :) Thanks, Leanne - for everything - the extra goodies for my album, the friendship, the yummy food, the laughs, hearing me vent, etc. It was exactly what I needed. Hugs xoxoxox

Here are 2 more pages I got done tonight....

I cannot remember the name of this resort that Quintin and I hung out at - but the beach was nice and I walked along it collecting shells while he was pretty. The ocean was chilly mind you - I walked out up to my thighs and decided that was enough teeth chattering....LOL

as Quintin and I walked around the ship, we admired all the "fancy decorations" and the classy feel it had. This picture doesn't do the elevator area justice - but it WAS gorgeous!
Thanks for stopping in again - I'm going to go and read a magazine and wind down for bed....I have to drive in a few hours! LOL...


  1. good evening, and you are so welcome it has been so fun having you here....any time you get a chance you come on back here....we could make it a annual retreat at my house....I love what you did with this got it down girl...way to rocks!

  2. Lori,

    And you say you're not a scrap-booker?????? This looks AMAZING! Love the colors you've picked and all of the fab embellishments. And, lookey lookey here, you've become a paper sewing pro in just a few days! Love all the Cricut titles too... love it ALL! Fabulous job - big pats on the back! (It always helps having Leanne as your scrap-booking inspiration buddy) Re: Pincher Creek. Can't wait to see this in person... ciao!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate each and every one - they make my day! :)