Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF Installment #2

OH MY GOSH, is it ever W-A-R-M out there! The thermometer is reading +8C!!! WOW!! Feels like a fresh, spring day out there....can't wait for all the snow to melt and the mud to dry up - our yard is in the beginning stage of a mud pit.

Well, I said I'd post my 2nd card of the day - and I am doing so...I gave myself and both kids the rest of the day off of school! YAY!! All of us were miserable, and life is way too short for that business, so we took the afternoon off! CUZ WE CAN!!! I took Kimberly to her friends house this afternoon and Calvin is trying to line up something with a friend too....

I used the Just Add Ink color challenge for this card as well as Taylored Expressions Sketch challenge.

Here is the card I made using both challenges this afternoon...

I *think* there is too much white on this card. What do you think? I like white, but I'm thinkin' it was a bit too much....let me know your opinions...good or bad?!
I am thinking that is it for me for today. I have officially lost my stampin' MOJO for this Friday...and I have a busy night's my 2nd night of torture at the gym :o) I will, however, be back tomorrow! Take care - enjoy that sun!!
Happy Stamping!!!


  1. I like this card too. Is there too much white? I don't think so. Each of your white pieces has a different element to it, so they are all different, even though they are the same colour.
    Great work

  2. Like this one Lori, but the first one is cute too..Too much white? nah! Just a very nice card...Good Job!

  3. Your card looks great! Sometimes a lot of white works and it does with your card. =)

  4. This is great. Love it the way it is.Would not change a thing.

  5. This one is adorable too! I can't pick which one I like best!

  6. Another cutie!! Great to see you're having fun with the colours.

  7. nah I like the white..I like this one too!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate each and every one - they make my day! :)