Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Behind the Scenes with my "other" Addiction....Crochet!

Welcome back to my blog!! I have been a busy girl in my spare time (which isn't much these days - with my bookkeeping course, clients, yard, cards, our business, life lol!....winter is coming though LOL) doing my other addiction - crocheting! I started the awesome yarn hobby back when I was pregnant with my son, Calvin, in 1996 - my Aunty Sharon taught me how to make a granny square and that was it, I was addicted! 

I always made afghans for family members and very close friends, dishcloths when needed, and the odd baby blanket here and there. I never really thought about doing enough of it to sell until I started getting custom orders for dishcloths, coffee cozies, and infinity scarves last November! 

I signed up to be in a craft show with my sister, Jackie, this November 4 and 5 and so I have been busy stocking up on dishcloths and other items since last Christmas: 

...and infinity scarves:

this one is the one on my hook right now:

I recently got a custom order to do some beanie hats for a cute little toddler (2 years old): 

And I also want to get a bunch more of these coffee cozies done up as well - they make AWESOME Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!!

This is my recent purchase for my business advertising - fancy hey?! I got it from a neighbor's Thirty-One Gifts online party she had. I LOVE IT!!! I take the project I am working on with me wherever I go and people know it's my business name :) 

 Thanks for stopping in today - I just wanted to pop in a few pics of some recent projects I have been working on - I have a lot more that is already stashed away, ready for the sale so thought I'd just give you an idea! I will also be selling my cards in the sale also - hoping to get rid of a good chunk of those! Ciao for now - I'm off to grab some tea, my hookin' and watch my recorded episode of Jimmy Fallon (starring Blake Shelton) - always belly laughing material when those 2 get together! Cheers!

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  1. Your bag is super cool and I adore all of your crocheted protects too. Your colors are fabulous and so is your talent.


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