Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Group Get-together

Good evening everyone...I've been busy in my craft room since I got home from Usona Hall this afternoon. We had our first monthly stamping club get-together today. We combined January and February's months due to bad weather last month, so we had a full afternoon of fun :o) The ladies all did well and they loved the projects we did. I already posted January's projects a while ago, so I thought I would finish up my February calendar pocket page and take some pics of the stuff today....

Like I explained last month, we are making a 12x12 perpetual calendar that has a card pocket on the top half of the calendar to hold cards for that particular month. Cool idea, hey?! The group all brain-stormed and threw ideas around, so this is what we came up with.

The congratulations card is one that Melissa and Leanne put together for me while I was gone on vacation to Florida. Thanks again, girls! I will get the pics of Bonnie and Sharon's card fronts up tomorrow :) Have a great night - I'm going to finish unpacking and watch some Olympics while sipping a hot chai tea. Night all!!


  1. Hey those are awesome Lori, glad your club went well...can't wait to see the rest. Awesome, love the calendar page!

  2. These were fun to make. Looking forword to doing the rest of the pages.


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