Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blast from the past ..... BRACE YOURSELF!!!!

Happy HUMP DAY my fellow craftin' PEEPS! We didn't wake up to more extreme fog, just a bit of overcast BLAH-ness and it's really trying hard to snow in my neck of the woods. There are only a few flakes coming down.....

I have a very busy day/week/weekend ahead so I don't *think* I will be able to squeeze in any crafting time. My Dad and his GF are coming up sometime today, and then I have a full weekend with 4H, babysitting Cooper and Bailey and then stamping with my wonderful group of ladies on Sunday! So...I don't really forsee any good chunk of time in between schooling my kids and running them to sports, and all the other stuff going on.

I do however, have a very HILARIOUS post for you this morning...well, I think it's hilarious. My DH thought it was pretty funny too (in a cute way). While I was at Tamie's on the weekend, she took the liberty of showing me the very first card I ever gave her. When she pulled it out of the tin she had all her precious cards stored in and passed it to mouth fell disbelief! first thought was "I made THIS?'s so.....B-A-R-E!!!" I had to literally OPEN the card and read the inside - YEP, I gave it to her!!

So.....without further adieu....from approximately 12-13 years is my first (or one of) creations I made for such a dear friend:

....and here, 12-13 years how I craft NOW....hahahahah .....

Isn't that just the BESTEST post?!? I thought it was so awesome to see how I have "evolved" in my crafting abilities! We ALL still have our doubts sometimes if we are doing a good card or "I hope she will like it." Doesn't matter matter WHAT you create, those dear to us will LOVE them!! TRUST ME!!!
Thanks for stopping in for my BLAST FROM THE PAST! Happy Stamping!!


  1. This is so funny, when she showed me this card, I laughed, and got all happy awesome she kept it. Truly amazing, and I still think the first card is wonderful Thanks for sharing...

  2. Oy! Total transformation hey? Imagine where you'll be in another 10 or so years!

  3. Isn't it amazing how we evolve and adapt? What we used to think was "awesome" is now just "OK"... LOVE IT!

  4. Such a darling card! Those java buggs are one of my favorites!

  5. LOL! You've gone from Card-Making Kindergarten to Grade 12. Now onto College for Card-Making. Imagine what it'll be like in another 10 years. I kept my first card too.


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