Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland!!!

Last night I promised some pics of the snow's still happening actually, but it calmed down for a few minutes and I got some quick pics of some of the drifts around the yard. I haven't actually been outside yet, so these were all taken from inside the warmth of my house!!! We will have to go out and do some shovelling soon...we can't even get into the barn or out my front door - so we'll HAVE to go out....

This is the front door to our barn....will need to shovel or plow to get into it and the tree got broken too in the wind last night :(

This is out my front door (I could only open it a few inches) see next photo....

My front door is drifted in....need to shovel :)

This drift might look a bit's actually over my chest in height!! The metal fence behind it is over my head.... Crazy!!!

I got done taking the above photos, and then the wind picked up's what it looks like out my office window right now :( I am so glad that I am in my warm house, with lots of coffee and Bailey's and a craft room that I have *giggle, snort* I'm off to do some creating....

You all please stay in and stay warm today - I would *love* to see what crafting mayhem you get into - post a comment with a link to whatever you create today :) I CRAFT CHALLENGE YOU!!!!
Inkingly Yours,
Lori :)

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  1. I love this last pic of the farm, Lori... with the snow blowing and the trees in the distance with the bales in the foreground - a lovely, frosty winter scene. Would make a nice card for B & L this Christmas...


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