Thursday, January 14, 2016

Paper or NonPaper at As You Like It!


Welcome back to my blog folks! For the next 2 weeks over at As You Like It, the challenge is "Paper or Non-Paper" projects and why they are your favorite....Here's a word about our sponsor -

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So, as you probably could gather from my photo at the top of the post, I do have a love of crochet. In fact, crochet was my very FIRST craft that I ever learned and my wonderful Aunty Sharon was the first to teach me with Granny Squares. To this day, I absolutely ADORE granny square projects. I also love my paper crafts, but I believe if I had to choose between the 2 - crochet would win out ;)

This afghan was made with much love for my 7 yr. old nephew, Cooper using the waffle stitch....

...and here is Cooper on New Year's Eve when he opened the box:

This young man is a true hero in my books...he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two years ago and he's SUCH a trooper! My sister, Jackie, said that when she goes downstairs to do his middle of the night checks, he is sleeping ONLY with this sheets, no duvet, notta! Just my blanket..."cuz it's sooooo warm and cozy, Mom!" is his response :) That, warms my heart!! ♥

Be sure to pop on over to the challenge blog HERE and see what the rest of the girls have made for you - AMAZING projects this week xoxoxox Happy crafting!


  1. Wow this is a beautiful blanket and stitched with so much love. I can just about complete a granny square but that's it I'm afraid.

  2. He looks delighted and no's fantastic. Love the waffle look xx

  3. How nice to hear that he loves that blanket. It is a beautiful blanket. Luv, Wilma

  4. I love your post. Cooper is my hero too! (I'm a diabetes educator by day.) I'm sure all the love you put into his lovely afghan is what keeps him so warm!

  5. Gorgeous blanket. Love the colors and the pattern. Can't wait to try this stitch.

  6. Gorgeous friend, and so glad he likes it, the pattern is so fun to create with. Another fantastic job friend! Hugs, L

  7. Wonderfully done blanket. I used to do lots and lots of crocheting, It was probably the second craft I was taught (My wonderful mother-in-law is the one who had showed me how to do it. Along with lots of other crafting ideas. The world is missing one really crafty person...cancer)

    My husband used to think that a crochet hook was glued to my hand. I haven't done it for a while. You have inspired me to give it a try again.

  8. You know how much I love this blanket and you also know I know how much work went into this! AWESOME! brilliant job hunny! stunning... :)
    I love this stitch too! hugs me xx


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