Monday, March 21, 2011

PPC Specialty Challenge #5 - 'Show Us Your Creative Space!"

Happy Monday! I am home from Disney World in Orlando, FL and I just have to say that I am NOT happy to be home with all this white stuff falling and the cold temps! LOL...I know, I's a lot warmer now than when I left, but still - we came from +30C in Orlando to -5C here and about 6-8" of new fallen snow! ACK!

Our vacation was absolutely amazing! Disney was phenomenal, our weather was perfect, the company was awesome and we were quite sad to fly home, I must admit! It was a glorious break away and I can't wait to head out on our next tropical vacation (whenever that will be! LOL)

Alright....back to reality right?! Megan is issuing another "specialty" challenge for this week. For this challenge, you are to "Show us Your Creative Space." I took a couple pics for you so that you can see where I do things:

My office/craft room consists of a large L-shaped desk that is made up of about 3 different pieces all put together. This is my "computer" area.

Directly behind me at my computer area is my "stamp cupboards and punches wall" where I keep all my punches on Ikea towel bars - works super great! Just need to find a way to store all the NEW Stampin' Up! punches that don't have handles....

Directly to the right of my stamp cupboards and punches are my inks/buttons/brads/eyelets wall.

This is an up close shot of my inks/refills/marker holder. My Dad has started to make these now and sell them, so if anyone is interested, let me know! They work awesome and can either be hung on the wall or stand on your desk.

So, there you have it - a few shots of my crafty area....I could take a lot more shots, but I focused on the main areas of interest (and the clean ones! hahahah)

Thanks for stopping in and be sure to take a few shots of your creative space and link them to the Picture Perfect Creations challenge site - we are very curious and excited to see where YOU do all of your creating! Stay tuned for a new exciting color combo from Scrapmaster's Paradise! Ciao!


  1. Your space is so relaxing and I love that you have room to really make a crafting mess if you wanted too. I enjoy working in your room it is so organized and just has a wonderful feel to it.

  2. looks wonderful! Love the cabinet your dad made for your stamp pads & refills. Isn't is great having handy men in the family :-)

  3. Wow, look at that, I think there is something missing, some friends to craft there in that wonderful space, great job friend.

  4. Lori your crafting area is SOOO tidy!! I'm so impressed! I love how you have those nice big cupboards up above!! Those Ikea bars are awesome! I just finally managed to get a couple myself a few months ago. How did I ever live without them?! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate each and every one - they make my day! :)