Friday, May 14, 2010

"Oh What a Night!"

Good Friday afternoon PEEPS! It's been one heckuva 24 hours for me let me tell I mentioned yesterday, I was heading out last night with Melissa, Tamie, and my sister Jackie, to go and see cutie-patootie-sexy-babealicious DAUGHTRY last night with Lifehouse and Kavo opening for him, right?! Melissa got here right at 3:30, we hopped in my van, stopped in Millet, picked up Tamie and headed up to do a bit of shopping and supper in South Common Edmonton. All's's good...we're all out without our kids or DH, no stresses of home, get the point right?! We left South Common around 6:20 to go and pick up Jackie in Sherwood Park. I was just turning into Sherwood Park and all of a sudden, my poor Red Baron (that's what I call my van) had no get-up-and drive, no reverse, no first, no second, NOTTA! So, we had to coast to a place in the intersection where we wouldn't get hit or block, we got A LOT of looks - 3 women broken down - drove us crazy people laughing at us and staring like we just had a major collision or something LOL...anyhew...poor Jackie is waiting at home frantically wanting out of the house and long story short, the transmission is shot and we are waiting for a Ford Dealership in Edmonton to call us and let us know the damage and how much. We might just have to trade it off and get something else..not sure yet.

We DID make it to the concert - a bit late and frazzled, but we made it and Lifehouse and Daughtry were AMAZING!! Tamie's DH picked us up in Sherwood Park after the concert and then my DH met us at the Millet overpass to take Melissa and I back to our needless to say, we are all a very tired bunch today - Melissa and I didn't get home until around 2 a.m. and she had to work this morning at 8, so I hope she's surviving LOL.

Another epic adventure in my life - soooo glad I was able to spend it with 3 of my wonderful PEEPS! Thanks girls for helping me NOT cry and lose it right there in the middle of the intersection! LOL...luv ya all! xoxoxo

Here's looking forward to the next adventure....


  1. What an adventure Lori! Glad you're all jealous that you got to see the 'scrumtious' Daughtry!
    -Megs :)

  2. Oy... that's all I have to say. But, in the end, once we finally made it out of captivity, it was a wonderful night with you girls. Thanks for orchestrating it all and again, so sorry about your go-go van :-( Luv you!

  3. We had SO MUCH fun - regardless of the mishaps along the way... :) Thanks for everything - Daughtry was so super scrumptious ... yummilicious ... cutie-patootie ...

    Yep, I think he might have to be my "freebie".... *giggle*

    Luv ya, PIC!

  4. No problem girlie. It was so much matter our adventures...girl time is girl time *wink*. Oh and Daughtry was..oh...was is the word I am looking, hot, hot and many many more words to describe him. Like Jackie said thanks for taking the time to get us all organized so we could have some fun. Huggers to you and you van.

  5. You girls have away too much fun,even when things go wrong.I love the way you all do it .Makes life go so much better.That is what good friends are for.WTG.


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