Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fastest Card EVAH!!!

Good evening my dear crafting PEEPS!! It's been a hustle and bustle of activity around my house the past 24 hours! A good friend of mine needed some help getting ready for their purebred bull sale at the end of this month, so I told her I was up for the job. She needed me to print out 2000 mailing labels....*GASP* 2000?!?! WOWZERS...but, we did it - between her and I - we got 'er done!!! YAY US! Now, I just need to help them get them stuck onto their catalogs they had printed and get them ready for shipment tomorrow morning. So...I'm doing a quick post here and then running out the door to give them a hand.
Now, the reason for my post....hee hee....well, every Tuesday, I take my daughter to town for swimming and Melissa and I go to the gym for our lovely dose of torture *insert grin here* I was getting things ready to go (we have to leave my house around 2:40 and it was 2:05) and I had this huge ** BAM! ** moment....I forgot that a lady called me and asked me to make her a western-themed Anniversary card for Wednesday (uhhh...yep, TOMORROW!!!) *ACK!!!* I totally forgot in all this hustle and bustle with the bull sale labels etc., etc. LOL...
*BIG BREATH IN* So......I got to work! I think I've created my "fastest card in history" card today folks! But, ya know something - it turned out BEEYOOOTIFUL!!! LOL..well, I think so. I was done the card at 2:38 and out the door by 2:41!! CRAZY!
Here's my creation for her:

I used the Bronc Buster set (retired - I believe) and some *other* designer paper...not sure where from. I hope you enjoy it! :o) Well, I am off for the evening - I will pop back tomorrow hopefully with a few challenges!
Have a super dooper Tuesday evening!!!


  1. You rocked it - way to go! I've been on a crafting frenzy and have been missing your posts... looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Oh wow, very good Lori, I like it, and I am sure the lady will too...very cool...

  3. Wow, thats alot of labels! Such a darling card.

  4. Totally fabulous Lori. I love everything about it. What stamp set did you use...it is very cool! Stunning for being fast and she will be thrilled. I know this is sounds gushy but you are so talented. Very proud of your work.


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