Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one more for the night...

...I would like to thank Ann Schach from The Stampin' Schach for her wonderful Valentine's Day card she made - click HERE to view her card. As soon as I saw it I just *had* to CASE it. I don't have the exact dove as Ann, and I used a few more Cuttlebug folders and changed the scallop punch, but I just thought this card was gorgeous and wanted to make a few of them for the store tomorrow. They are setting up a small table with single stemmed flowers, wine and some of my cards to sell for Valentine's Day! YAY ME! I'm so excited....

So, thanks to everyone for all the ideas I've come across and CASE'd - I sure do appreciate all the talent out there!

Here's the card I made using Ann's template:

I think that will be all for me tonight...I have a HUGE mess to clean up here in my craft room so I will do that now and then do a bit of book work before bed. I hope to be back tomorrow sometime...Melissa is coming over to help Kimberly with her French and then I have to run into town and pick up my van that is at the body shop. Take care, and have a super dooper night.



  1. Another great card made, Lv the bird on their. You had a great day making cards ,they are all really something to be proud of. Hugs.

  2. i think you rock these...very cool, some lucky person will just love these...good job!

  3. Great card Lori! Be sure to check out the Diva blog today- there is some extra good news I think you'll be excited about!

  4. Very stunning. I loved the colors, layers, and embossing. Beautiful work.


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