Friday, December 11, 2009

*Happy Dance*

OMG! I am soooo stoked today! My good friend, Melissa, told me on the phone today that I got 3rd Honorable Mention over at the Color Throwdown last week for THIS card! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!!!! I am *still* sitting here with my mouth hung open! Well, ok, I've been doing a jig if truth be known....ha ha ha .... that is soooo incredibly awesome in my world right about now as my crafting mojo has been non-existent for some time and it's just recently it's returned. And then to get an honorable mention on a card I did is just too freakin' awesome!
Go check out the girls over at Color Throwdown - give their challenges a try - they ROCK! Thanks guys for the wonderful "mention" your challenges are so fun to do!

Well, my DH is on his way home as I type this - he's travelling on winter roads and won't be home until after midnight. We have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow so we are both looking forward to a night out! Doesn't look like there is any crafting in my sights for a while :( but that's ok. Life is just a *tad* bit busy for me right now - hopefully I can sneak some in next week! Thanks for popping by - stay warm - it's supposed to be N-A-S-T-Y this weekend!!!

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  1. Lori, congratulations on your wickly awesome honor. I am so stoked for you. Bet the million dollar dance came in handy...WOOT, WOOT. What a week this has been and what a great boost for you. I am proud of you. Love it!!!!! Keep them coming...:) :0.


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