Monday, March 9, 2009

Craftin' and Friendships ... at the Bloomin' Inn.

On Friday, 5 of us left for Pincher Creek to the Bloomin' Inn Ranch Bed and Breakfast.
Nancy, Leanne, Tamie, Jackie and myself packed up 2 mini vans FULL of crafting supplies and our "lightly" packed overnight bags and headed out (the "Roaming Red Barons"). A drive that would normally take 4 hours, took us ALL DAY due to the many stops we enjoyed along the way...yep, to shop, of course! What else!?! :) We met up with Melissa in Ft. MacLeod and then made us a 6-pack. We arrived in Pincher Creek around 8:30 in a massive wind/snow storm and were very thankful to be unloaded and in the workshop by 9 or so. A lot of creativity occured and some girls just took advantage of the "rest" time and did some chillaxin', got massages, went shopping at the Pantry, Country Store etc. Here are some photos of the weekend....enjoy!

Here is Nancy's van - LOADED!!

Here is my van - LOADED!!

Here are the 5 of us girls before we headed out!

Leanne with her MOJO goin'!!! She created some beeeeutiful pages of her Florida trip! I think 10 12x12 pages was her final count for the weekend! Wahhoooo!

Us in the craft workshop....

"Excuse me?!?! You want to borrow WHAT??!!!"

Melissa creating some super cute cards...hopefully she will put them on her blog!

Tamie cross stitching on her gorgeous tiger project....

Ummm...not sure what I was doing...probably performing LOL....

I think something was funny.....


Cheers to some great friends and creativity!

"BACK OFF! Get your own scrapbox!!!" (Jackie in fine form....HAHAHHA!)

This was our work area in the workshop...we got to all sit together and have a good time laughing and creating together....

The RRB Six Pack:

Leanne, Melissa, Nancy, Jackie, myself, Tamie

Fun was had by all - I'm already planning the next road trip! Wheeeeee!


  1. Well girls it looks like you had away toooooo!!!! much fun. Glad you all had a good trip. Bonding is good for the soul.

  2. It was so much fun, everyone should have a 6 pack!!! Awesome ladies!!

  3. I'm telling ya, if anyone wants to see H.O.T they just need to take a look at us in these pics! LOL! Scrappers in the finest form! BAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA!

  4. We were really hot Jackie...truly don't forget the windows...LOL. Our form was so fine...we were still smiling, the bonding was wonderful. I always knew everyone was talented, but holy cow, you all have some serious skill. You are an awesome six pack, thanks for making the weekend so memorable for me. It was a road trip like no other and I am very proud it was with all of you. I had typed something way better, but it didn't go through and my young timers set it. I was way funnier in the other post...LOL. Thanks


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