Sunday, November 30, 2008

A fresh start....

Good afternoon! It's been such a lazy, relaxing day....I slept in until 9:30, got up and had a splendiferous cup of Starbucks coffee, then headed BACK to bed to sleep until 12:30! OMGOSH, I haven't done that for years! Felt great except now I have a case of laz-eee-itis. HEE HEE...I baked some butter tarts, cinnamon-raisin tea biscuits and have been mucking on my new Blog in between baking :o) it new piece of the blog world. I will updating soon...maybe even tonight - I will see how things go around here this afternoon/evening. I need to run and get some laundry done and supper planned out. DH might be heading out to play hockey tonight, so I will sneak back in to my *craft room* a bit later.

Inkingly Yours,



  1. Well Friend Congrats on the new name and blog....I will look forward to all your new and fun things on here....Have a great Sunday, awesome so far!!

  2. The new blog is beautiful! So excited to see it up and running; and to see all of the wonderful new creations you are sure to post!


  3. Welcome to blogging! You are off to a great start!


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