Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bringing it all together....

As many of you know, I have a deep love of coffee, crochet AND paper today as I was getting some dish cloths put together with these adorable free printable bands (link at bottom of post), I thought, "ya know...why not bring all this stuff together and place it all in one home? Ya...great idea! Now...what to call it?!" 

Caffeinated Creativity could not suit me better. My creativity is almost always fueled with a strong, delicious, creamy, sweet cuppa joe. And so it is. My new blog. I have had Inkingly Yours for quite some time so all I did was change the blog name and address so that all my settings etc. would remain the same. Thank you to anyone popping back in to follow me again! 

I have a Facebook page, also called Caffeinated Creativity, where I am currently selling my handmade crochet items and I will also be incorporating my cards there as well. I am not certain if I will open up an Etsy store for this yet or step at a time! 

Alright...a little bit about these adorable free printables for my dish cloths...I came across Kim Layton's amazing blog HERE and I was so tickled when I found these labels. They are so me :) Thanks again, Kim!

Here is the lot of what I have done so far and so many more to come yet...I keep adding more colors of yarn to the stash ;) So, remember, if you go to my Facebook page and like them but you don't see the color you'd like, shoot me a quick message and I will let you know whether or not I have your color. If not, I will sure try my best to accommodate you!

Most of the dish cloths in the picture are waffle stitch pattern like the ones you see below:

The pattern for these can be found HERE.

Well...there you have it! A fresh start - with all my loves in one place :) I have a lot more crochet items over on the FB page but you can wander over there anytime and check it out. I will be updating and blogging here more often now as I will have blog posts related to yarn and coffee to share as well as cards.

Cheers for now.....

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  1. These are so awesome, great new name to your blog and so pleased you put everything you like together into one. Nicely done! Hugs, L ;)


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