Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ink Pad/Re-inker/Marker & Copic Marker Storage Units for Sale

** EDITED TO ADD ** July 16, 2013

For Copic Marker holder info, please scroll to bottom of post :) Thank you!

Hello everyone! My super-talented Dad has started making these wonderful units and I told him I would try to market them for's a little blurb about them:

** These storage units come pre-finished, and are made from solid wood, with hard-board shelves and back. The smallest sized unit holds 15 pads, 15 pens and 15 re-inkers. They can be provided in multiples of 15 (e.g: 15, 30, 45, 60) etc. The individual shelves are removable, so if desired, the spacing can be altered. The vertical hard-board members are not removable. Although the units are designed to sit on a desk and are equipped with 4 “foot pads,” the unit could be wall mounted. They measure 19 ½ inches high, by 5 inches deep. A “60” unit is 26 3/8 inches wide, including the trim.**

For cost and shipping details, please view his Etsy page, GFWoodshop, by clicking HERE. You can also contact Gerald via email HERE. He is located in southern Alberta, CANADA. Please scroll down to the very bottom and view all types of units.

***EDITED February 3, 2012 ***

My Dad had a request to make a Close to My Heart stamp pad/marker/reinker unit as the reinkers are a wee bit bigger than the Stampin' Up! reinkers. This holder is a 75 unit:

Here is the unit filled after being delivered to the customer, Allisa from Rocky Mountain Paper Crafts: is a size comparison picture of the SU 60 unit and the Close to My Heart 75 unit:

** EDITED TO ADD ** SEPTEMBER 10, 2012!!

My Dad asked me to add this photo of a new unit he has created for another client upon her request. This unit now holds SPONGE DAUBERS, reinker bottles, markers and ink pads!! What an awesome way to organize ALL ink aspects of your craft room!!!

 Thanks again for stopping in! If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact my Dad, Jerry Fraser, via email at

** EDITED TO ADD ** JULY 16, 2013!! 

My Dad has just recently plunged into the whole world of Copic Marker storage!! He made me this gorgeous holder for my birthday and is selling them in his Etsy Shop, GFWoodshop. You can find them HERE!  Or by emailing Gerry at


  1. Hey Lori, these are wonderful, and I also put a plug on my Blog for your Dad, and I can't say how much I love it...They are awesome, everyone needs one of these.

  2. Too funny that your comment is pretty much the same as mine, Leanne! Ladies, I have the 45 unit model and I absolutely LOVE IT! It has totally simplified my craft room, having all of my ink pads, markers, and re-inkers in the same spot and all color coordinated. It is by far the BEST organization system for all things "inky". And, best of all, you can't beat Canadian-made! LOVE MINE!

  3. Lori I will put a plug on my blog too! I just love it! It has made such a huge difference for me and for that I thank both of you. I agree Leanne, everyone needs one.

  4. Well Lori, I don't have a blog,so will write my comment here.I just love my unit,It is the best gift that I could have been given,by two wounderful people and there familys. Thanks to your Dad,he did a wounderful job making them. It is something that every girl needs in her craft room.To top it off it is canadian made, makes it even better.Ty.

  5. Love my new custom stamp pad holder. Gerry did an amaizing job and helped me save a ton on shipping by going out of his way to drop off at a special cargo office! It was worth every penny and everything is so organized now!
    Thanks again

  6. how much for a 30 unit Stampin Up unite and how much to send to British Columbia V2N 4Y3

  7. SO beautiful and functional. Would you be able to share what the cost of the ones that hold ctmh would be? Thanks.

  8. Hi I would love one of your stamp/pen storage units. Would you please send me the cost of each? Thanking you in advance, Carol

  9. Hi Carol! I tried to email you but I can't find an email addy for you. If you scroll up on this post, my Dad's email is there for you to send him a quick message and he'll respond with whatever questions you have! Thanks!

  10. Hey Lori....I have purchased two units from your Dad (one about 6 months ago and another I just received) and I have to say that these units are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! They look amazing hanging up on my craft room wall and the quality of these units you will not find anything else that is comparable! Trust me, I've looked high and low on the internet and anything I did find was from the U.S. and the cost to ship it was outrageous and these were just made out of a plastic material. To top things off, your Dad is a very kind man and it was such a pleasure doing business with him.

    Please tell Jerry that Nancy from Ontario says hi and God bless the two of you!

  11. Hi Lori, Is your dad still making/selling these units. I'd be interested in finding out the cost of the Close to My Heart 75 unit and shipping to Ontario. Thanks.

    1. Yes, he is Tara!! Just shoot him a quick email! :)

  12. Hi Tara, yes he is! If you just shoot him an email (scroll up a bit, it's at the end of the post) and he'll get back to ya!! Thanks!


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