Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Update....

Happy Monday! We've had a full Easter weekend - my niece and nephew, Luke and Ember were here since Thursday and they had a great time. They are the same ages as my kids, so it is usually a fun time had by all. The girls decided they wanted to decorate eggs yesterday, so the first few pics are of their eggs they created - very nice!

On Thursday, Isabell (one of Kim's friends) was here and the girls helped Bailey and Cooper decorate some eggs too...they had FUN!

The remainder of the weekend was spent hangin out around home and we went to a 50th birthday party celebration for a neighbor of ours that we've known since I moved here in 1993. It was a good time had by all!

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter with family, friends or just spending it quietly at home :o) The kids have today off of school as well and Tamie and her kids are coming for the day. Not too sure what we'll work on - cards or crocheting, but we'll report back a bit later! TTYL! Have a super, sunny Monday!

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  1. Great memories for you...I miss my children being that age...of course, mine are 26 and 22, so...

    Hey! Am now a follower and hope you will come over to Julie's Open Window and do the same...would love to have you be eligible for the big giveaway coming soon!


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