Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can We Say "FRAZZLED?"

Hello all my wonderful crafting PEEPS! I just thought I should pop on here quickly and let you know that I indeed have NOT fallen off the face of the earth...I am still around, it's been an extremely busy couple days. I purchased each of my kids a brand new laptop with our home schooling funding so that we can do school REAL GOOD next year :o) and so getting them all up and running has been definitely INTERESTING to say the least. I am also having major internet difficulties with my computer so I have contacted Telus to see if they can get something figured out.... then, today as I was putting a new 19L water jug into my water cooler, something went terribly wrong, and there was 19L of water all over my kitchen floor!!!! Kids were sliding everywhere, trying to scramble to help me out - the power bar was getting wet, so sparks were gonna start flying at any given moment...they ran for towels, I ran the pouring water bottle outside and dumped what little water was left in it, in the flowerbed...apparently, there was a large crack in the bottom of the bottle and so it will not vacuum on the cooler and it will push the water out wherever it can. And it did. OMG what a mess that was! And, the day got better and better as it went 2 yr old Dyson vacuum cleaner wouldn't suck. Now, anyone who knows about the Dyson, that is their claim to fame. But make a long story short, the hose has 2 cracks in it! So much for lasting years and years and years!!! I am having an extremely hard time finding one to be replaced here in Canada, so might have to just duct tape it and leave it for now until I can get a hold of them and see if they will replace it. My 2 year warranty was up 3 weeks ago :(

So, in a nut shell, that was my day LOL....I will attempt to get a card done tomorrow and put up on my blog....I miss my stamps and hopefully life will slow down even for a few minutes tomorrow and I will be able to make one. Thanks! See ya tomorrow....


  1. Well friend, lets hope today goes better for you, and no mishaps, or weird things happen....Think positive....:)

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad day but thank God you didn't attempt to make a card. Can you imagine what kind of mess you would have gotten yourself into there? Happy Stamping tomorow!


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