Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decor the shower?!?!?

I'm not sure if you all know that there are videos posted on my Stampin' Up! website or not, but if you didn't know that, go and check it out sometime. There are a lot of informational video's that you can watch on various products SU sells. One of the videos is on Decor Elements. My good friend, Leanne, bought herself a clear shower curtain and put the Flowing Flowers Decor Elements on it....STUNNING!!! That's the only word I have for are a couple pictures to show you her new shower:

Isn't that just gorgeous!??? I love it! Thanks Leanne for showing me what you've done with your Decor Elements! To view the complete line of Decor Elements please click HERE.

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  1. Hey that looks very cool on your Blog! Oh and it is in chocolate, not black, but looks black on the photo. It would look great in any color I think, it was fun. Next time, I would do more of a design, maybe start the bigger flowers in the top left corner and have them flowing down to the bottom right, or whatever, the biggest decision was where to put each flower..Have fun everyone!


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